Escaping Cancer Healthy

Cancer, affecting hundreds and thousands of people across the globe has reached its peak. Just merely hearing the word Cancer scares everyone and knowing that a family has its history alters the lifestyle of its member. As we all know, Cancer gives a devastating effect to people having it. Lifestyle modification, tasteless meal planning, time consuming treatment schedules, emotional distress, financial breakdown, anxiety, depression; all of these can be the outcome of cancer, but somehow in the end cancer may still be present.

Frustrating, isn’t it? But the amount of love you give to the person having this condition is as equivalent of the amount of hope you can have to believe that miracle can destroy the agony and suffering caused by cancer.

Aside from the treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and stem cell replacement, there are also supplements that help the patient regain its healthy condition and win the battle against cancer. These supplements are made to supply the energy, nutrients and vitamins the person loses along the process of curing the tumours. Treatment procedures itself and its side effects, and the tumour releasing chemicals are the ones deteriorating the patient’s health. Thus, good supplementation is one of the key to protect the patient from bad prognosis.

Because of all the side effects, we cannot deny that oral nutrition is not enough. The inability of the body to digest nutrients from food is always present to patients in this condition and is not good. According to studies, dietary supplements are made to fill in the gap and boost the cancer diet regimen.

The first on the list is Vitamin D. According to studies, a person who has a high level of circulating Vitamin D in the body has low rates of having cancer. For patient who already has cancer, Vitamin D is also best in treating it. “Vitamin D is of interest not so much because of results of clinical trials, but because of our evolving understanding of the key role it plays in cell [development] and the fact that so many people are really deficient in vitamin D,” says Tim Byers, MD, deputy director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Studies released in 2008 say that Vitamin D deficiency has great contribution to women having breast cancer. Lower vitamin D can also put a person at greater risk to breast cancer and death to breast cancer patients.

Another study shows that people who love to eat Garlic are less likely to develop cancer. This study still remains debatable. But running through the effect of Garlic as boosting a person’s immune system can be helpful to cancer patients fight against infection.

Green tea is one of the supplements known to fight against cancerous cell growth. Polyphenols, a substance found in Green tea are identified to combat the cancer cell proliferation. It slows down the rapid growth of cancer and preventing it to metastasize to other closer organs. Birdsall quoted to WebMD that, “Green tea seems to inhibit the development of new blood vessels in tumors, and provides one more approach that can be used to strangle tumours.”

One common supplement known to fight cancer and its development are those so called as Antioxidants. This substance is commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Knowing the mechanisms of Antioxidant, it removes the toxins and free radicals from our body that contributes in developing Cancerous cell.

All of the mentioned supplements above is very helpful and is essential to include in our diet. Good nutrition is very important, but is not enough. These Supplements can connect the dots to achieve healthy body. And these can be one of your stepping stone to be considered as Cancer survivor.